Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

When you need cooling, you depend on the performance of your air conditioning system. But keeping your air conditioning system at peak performance year after year demands preventative maintenance and small repairs as well as operational changes that can be made without extensive costs.

Here are some of the areas that we will evaluate and maintain on a regular basis:

  • Check air filters and clean condenser coils to maximize the energy efficiency of your unit.
  • Treat drain lines for algae buildup that leads to air quality problems.
  • Test compressor operation
  • Check refrigerant levels and all seals in the system. 
  • Check indoor coil for efficiency 
  • Calibrate thermostat settings to realize maximum energy efficiency.
  • Check amp draws and lubricate all motors
  • Check operating and all safety controls for proper operation
  • Check condensate drainage from unit
  • *****FREE INSPECTION of duct system in home to determine proper sizing of duct work and energy efficiency of system *****