Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?
We are fully state licensed throughout Tennessee. We are fully insured including Workman's Compensation Insurance.
Can I put plants/bushes around my outdoor A/C unit?
Yes BUT make sure there is enough clearances for correct airflow.
Do I need a service contract?
Most definetly. You wouldn't drive your car for 10 years without an oil change or service. Well your heating and cooling system is a machine which needs regular maintenance for it to give long lasting efficient service.
Do you carry out early am, late pm or week-end service calls?
First we do not charge extra for after hour or weekend service calls. We realize that with todays heavy working schedule for many people that after hour or weekends are the only available times. We'll gladly accommodate our customers.
Do you provide free estimates?
Most estimates are all part of our customer service.
How much savings can I expect from a new 13 seer A/C unit over my present system?
Most older units we replace have ratings of 8-10 seer.You should expect savings of 30%-40% on your cooling bill.
Is your work warranted and for how long?
All repairs are warranted for (3) months. On equipment installation work is warranted for a minimum of (1) year or otherwise stated on invoice. Any service work carries a (3) month warranty.
My garbage disposal smells
Fill disposal 1-3 with ice cubes, run disposal and flush out with cold water. Then put 1-2 lemon in disposal and grind it up.
What areas of Tennessee do you service?
Primarily the middle TN area consisting of Wilson, Davidson, Williamson, Robertson, Sumner and Rutherford counties.
What causes high water bills besides leaky faucets or pipes?
A large percentage of all leaks in residential systems are found in the toilet tank. There are probably worn parts in tank or improper alignment of some part of flushing mechanism. Replace worn parts and leaks should subside.
What causes water temperature changes in shower when someone flushes the toilet or runs another appliance?
Normally incorrect sizing of water piping to fixtures from initial installation thus restricting volume causing an imbalance of too much hot water when cold is used somewhere else. Put in pressure balanced tub/shower valve which balances hot and cold water to maintain a temperature range of +- 2 degrees.
What does seer rating mean?
Seer is an abbreviation for seasonal energy efficiency rating and is a measure of how efficient a unit operates.