Caputo Mechanical installs and services a wide array of commercial and residential plumbing systems. We have built a reputation of quality, workmanship, and prompt service. Today we are a leader in the fields of SERVICE and REPAIR, and modern plumbing services such as ELECTRONIC LEAK DETECTION, in-line SEWER VIDEO CAMERA services to locate breaks and line replacements and BACKFLOW PREVENTION. We also specialize in SEWER and DRAIN cleaning, toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, grease traps, and septic tank systems.


Our Residential Service division performs retrofits, remodels, repairs and replacements. We work with the schedules of owners and occupants to ensure minimum disruption and guarantee the satisfaction of our residential customers.


The quality of life in commercial buildings depends on the quality of the plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. We perform regularly scheduled maintenance for commercial buildings that help your equipment operate efficiently, extending its lifecycle and protecting your investment.

In addition we retrofit and/or replace ductwork and systems.